Therapy for Couples

Even the most healthy and happy relationship can experience difficulties from time to time. Couples can face a wide range of crises over the course of their relationship: fertility issues, financial difficulty, parenting disagreements, stress related to in-laws and the extended family, problems with communication, sexual problems, and conflict which just can’t seem to be resolved.

Couples Therapy is usually short-term and solution-focused.  The Therapist’s role is to give each person in the relationship equal time to explore their needs and feelings, and to help the Couple to come to realistic and achievable goals for improving the relationship.

I can help you to focus on the strengths and rediscover the positive aspects of your relationship, and help you to imagine and then implement the changes you would like to see.

My Couples Therapy service is non-judgemental and non-discriminatory.  All Couples are welcome: married, co-habiting, civil partners, gay and straight couples, and couples who are considering separation or divorce.